Book Review: ‘Literary Trails – Haworth and the Brontës’ by David F. Walford & Catherine Rayner

Just look at this book – isn’t it the most beautiful and inviting looking cover?? It makes me want to get my boots on and go away on an adventure.

I was kindly gifted a copy of this book by Pen and Sword in exchange for an honest review, and honestly – I wasn’t able to appreciate this book fully. When I accepted the book, I fully intended to return to the Moors but sometimes plans change so this has just been neglected on my shelves. I absolutely LOVE the concept though, and if it was an author/area near to me, I would have been ALL over it! I love history, literature and going on long walks in beautiful places.

It is essentially a walking companion guide, designed and written to be used out in the landscape that inspired it. It contains a brief introduction to the Brontë’s, the area, and information about safe and sensible walking but it also includes various guided walks along with maps to ensure you get the most out of your visit. I did skim through a couple of chapters as I have previously visited Haworth and the Brontë parsonage so I can roughly visualise it, but since Aberdeen is a fair way away from the sweeping Yorkshire Moors, I honestly haven’t (and likely will not in the near future) had the opportunity to take full advantage of this book!

It seems a shame to waste such a promising and practical read though, so I will be gifting it to my sister for Christmas (don’t tell her!). She loves a good classic novel and I think this will be right up her street (especially since she lives waaaay closer to the Moors than I do and can take advantage of it!). She’s also the one who took me to visit the Brontë Parsonage last year, so maybe I can convince her to take me again and we can make use of the trails, stories and guides in this wee book. If that ever happens, I’ll be sure to give a full and honest review, but for now – I’m afraid I can’t rate this book fairly so I won’t even try!

I am still so incredibly grateful to Pen and Sword for sending this over to me, but I am gifting it on so that it can be fully appreciated. I think this would make a really lovely, unique and thoughtful Christmas (or Birthday) gift to any of your Bronte or nature loving friends! You still have time to grab seem last minute gifts, and you can pick up a copy of ‘Literary Trails – Haworth and the Brontës’ from here if you’re interested!

Beautiful day for a hike in the Moors.. Bring your brolly and boots!

How do you feel about this kind of walking companion? Is it something you would use or do you prefer to just wander and do your own exploring?

Much love,

Alison x

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