Hello! Hi! Welcome!

Hello friends! Welcome along to this new wee adventure. Blogging is all very new to me, but I trust that you’ll help me out, keep me right and we’ll figure it all out together! I guess I’d better introduce myself and this blog a little, so you know what you’re getting yourself in for. (Spoiler alert; it’s just gonna be me rambling and occasionally chatting about books)

A wee bit about me

So, I’m Alison (obviously) and I live up north in Scotland. When I’m not at work, you can normally find me exploring historic sites with my friends, curled up watching Netflix, reading or stockpiling photos for my bookstagram account (which you’ll find linked around here somewhere). I’ll likely be drinking tea while doing any/all of the above too. I am a huge history buff – I studied History and Archaeology at uni before returning to do a postgrad in Museum Studies when I realised that adult life is scary and being an eternal student seemed a preferable option. It’s been a year since I last graduated and I’m still searching for literally any job even remotely linked to the subjects I dedicated half a decade to studying. If you’re in a similar boat, I feel ya – lets be pals.

Why the blog, and why now?

Well, I’ve had my bookstagram account for roughly a year now and I absolutely love this wee community. I am so passionate about reading and it is just amazing that this wee nook of the internet exists, where I can connect with others who share my passions, emotions and obsessions (candle hoarders, raise your hands please)!

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a wee while and since it’s approaching the new year, I figured why not? Hopefully I can start to review things without constantly checking references and footnotes (unless it’s a history book, then I’m coming for ya) and hopefully you’ll enjoy following along with my thoughts!

For many years, my life revolved around scrutinising academic literature, sources and evidence (which admittedly, I do really enjoy), but it’s not exactly an ideal mindset for switching off and relaxing with a good book. I think I’ve finally taken enough time away from academia and feel ready to share my thoughts and opinions about the books I read for funsies! I’m honestly dreadful at updating my Goodreads account, so I decided that this platform would be better for sharing the thoughts bouncing round my brain.

Beyond reviews, I will just be rambling about anything and everything else! I can almost guarantee you’ll come across posts about my quest to climb all the munros in Scotland (thus far, I’ve done the same one twice so it’s not going great) and also my fairly regular jaunts to various historic sites. I basically live on a castle trail and in an area full of Pictish, Viking and other fun sites, so you can expect to see the odd day trip to a Castle or Stone Circle (weather dependant, obvs). I imagine that there will be the odd bookish product review thrown in randomly too – I have a fairly substantial bookish candle collection and love any chance to show it off and share my favourites!

BASICALLY, to conclude, I really have no idea what I’m doing and I’m just gonna make it up as I go along! Hopefully you’ll want to tag along as I figure all this out! If nothing else, tag along for the comedic value.

Much love,

Alison x

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